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Air Conditioners, HVAC, Furnaces, Water Heaters in Winnipeg

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Want to be a consumer that makes an educated decision? Are you curious about the features of furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters, fireplaces and indoor air quality devices? Learn More

  • Furnaces

    Energy efficiency, two stage design, and variable speed motors are all important aspects that should weigh in on your next furnace decision.

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  • Air Conditioning

    Be sure to check out environmentally-friendly options while still maintaining durability and reliability, combined with quiet operation.

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  • Water Heaters

    Our hot water heaters provide consistent warmth, energy-saving efficiency, and exceptional value.

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  • Indoor Air Quality

    State-of-the-art technology brings purification, filtration, humidity control and ventilation to new levels with air quality products.

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  • Things to Consider

    You need to find the best equipment that you can afford, minimize down time by utilizing preventative maintenance and prepare or future replacement.

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